Why Tallinn?

SACC operates its Contact Centre in Tallinn which provides our clients with a number of benefits not found elsewhere in other outsourcing regions.

  • Location

Because Estonia is in Europe it has a multi-cultural workforce. It is an outsourcing destination of choice by many companies because the people have a better grasp of European cultures and expectations than other outsourcing regions around the world.

  • Multi lingual

Many people residing in Estonia speak multiple languages and this is essential in delivering StepAhead services globally. Our clients trust that all languages their markets require can be delivered with fluency and professionalism.

  • Work ethics

People from Estonia are well known for their hard work and diligence to their employers. They are reliable, always looking to refine and improve their skills, and keen to learn and are initiative in their work to provide excellent customer service.

  • Stability

The workforce in Estonia is very stable and there is low staffing churn. Many other countries that offer outsourcing services have a very transient workforce that impacts service performance.

  • Experience

A number of companies have moved their Contact Centre operations to Estonia because of the high levels of skill available at low costs. Estonia has been providing outsourced customer service for many years which means there is a large workforce of trained agents.

  • Travel sector

Many companies within the travel sector already outsource customer services to Estonia such as Viking line, Norwegian Airlines and Hurtigruten. This provides access to a large pool of skilled agents with particular travel experience.

  • Lower costs

Companies benefit financially by outsourcing to Estonia. The employment structure is such that companies benefit from lower wages, an 8.5 hour day structure, mandatory flexible working structures and no additional sick leave or study leave payments.