StepAhead is an integrated call centre, contact platform, web and information technology approach aimed at providing travel services to our clients. We are located in Tallinn, Estonia, a location chosen because of the high technology, educated workforce and superb language skills. In our centre we take calls, emails, web chats and provide data loading services, through state of the art cloud and IP connectivity.

StepAhead also recognises the cyclical nature of our clients business and we are available to tackle the peaks during the year.

StepAhead represents a complete Contact Platform for small and large businesses. Different than most outsourced businesses, we care about our clients business as if it is our own, with a keen eye on cost effectiveness, high return, conversions, services and leading a motivated staff. The combination of a most advanced ICT team, StepAhead is supported by its sister company ICE ICT who offers first class ICT support to the travel sector.

Why are we different?

  • Fast reaction

We understand how important your product and customer is to you and we are used to moving fast whilst minimising risk.  A typical project start up and transition takes an average of 4-8 weeks however we have previously managed transitions in as little as 3 weeks including new staff hires, product and system training, We are able to do this because of our specialism in our chosen verticals which enables us to have a running start.

  • Pain free transition

In any transition project there is inevitable risk of de-motivated staff and potential sabotage of your existing customer base and brand. At StepAhead we are very experienced in guiding you through the de-risking process in avoiding any potential threats and providing a transition as pain free as possible.

  • Training and processes

Just as our clients would manage their own business, we train, support and coach our staff to get better, increase service levels and achieve optimal conversions.
At the outset of every project we map the relevant client processes and build a comprehensive set of product and booking documentation which forms an essential reference for our agents. This enables us to ramp up quickly, onboard new staff efficiently and ensure the high quality that your product deserves.

  • Dedicated teams or cross utilised teams

We provide a high quality and effective contact platform, cross utilising our teams to assure you of affordability for your entire data loading, reservations, online, web, chat, e-marketing, outbound calling, fulfillment and payment services.

  • Reports that make sense

We pride ourselves on delivering a set of intelligent reports that will guide your management, marketing, sales and finance staff. Our reporting solutions ensure that you can monitor the service levels, campaign success and revenue with the closest accuracy possible.

  • Technology experts

Through our parent company ICE ICT which is an IT Managed Service and Technology consultancy specialising in the travel industry we are able to provide the relevant expertise to understand your technical infrastructure and systems quickly and work well with your internal IT teams. Together we can provide solutions to access your reservations or phone systems or overflow to our internal systems whilst maintaining a high level of security and data access control.